Area Agency on Aging

Advisory Council

The Area Agency on Aging Advisory council was established by the Planning Commission to assist AAA of the Panhandle in managing the provision of social services under the Older Americans Act of 1965, as amended. The council’s primary responsibility is to assist the AAA of the Panhandle in the development, implementation, review, and update of a comprehensive area plan to serve the elderly of the Texas Panhandle.

The members also help educate seniors on services provided and to promote public awareness on senior issues. The council’s mission is to serve as a link between the local communities and AAAP to communicate the needs, the interest and concerns of seniors and to act as an advocate to recognize, communicate, and promote the needs, interests, and rights of the elderly, their families, and caregivers.

Desha Butler, ChairAmarillo
Alan AbrahamAmarillo
Erin BerginPerryton
Elvira BlakemoreAmarillo
Warren CobleAmarillo
Andy CrockerAmarillo
Michelle FloydAmarillo
Shirley HarroldAmarillo
Ludell HillAmarillo
Cody JonesCanyon
Shannon SkilesAmarillo
Serena SteedAmarillo
Isabell VillarrealAmarillo
Ashley WetterAmarillo
Brad WhiteAmarillo

Contact Information

Sundee Rossi

Area Agency on Aging Director
Phone: (806)331-2227
Fax: (806)350-7896


Criminal Justice Planning Fund (Fund 421) Source: A biennial appropriation by the Texas Legislature from funds collected through court costs and fees. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, §102.056 and §102.075. Section 772.006 of the Texas Government Code designates CJD as the Fund's administering agency.
FY Appropriation: Set annually
Purpose: Support a wide range of projects designed to reduce crime and improve the criminal and juvenile justice systems.
Eligibility: State agencies, units of local government, independent school districts, nonprofit corporations, Native American tribes, COGs, universities, colleges, hospital districts, juvenile boards, regional education service centers, community supervision and corrections departments, crime control and prevention districts, and faith-based organizations are eligible to apply for grants under this fund.  Faith-based organizations must be certified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt nonprofit entities.  Grantees may not use grant funds or program income for proselytizing or sectarian worship.
Award Criteria: Meet the criteria codified in the TAC, Title 1, Part 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter C, Division 1
Frequency of Award: Annual


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