The Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network is requesting proposals to replace the 9-1-1 Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). Please click the link below to view the details.

Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network CPE Request for Proposal

Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network CPE Request for Proposal - Ammended to correct typos on page 13 (corrections shown in red). Removed the word "Host" from the Perryton Police Department on page 5.

Questions Received

Does Pancom allocate dedicated IP or layer-2 ethernet channels for each of the PSAPs in this RFP request that could be used as a backup path for a VOIP application? If so, what is the bandwidth allocated for each PSAP, what is the handoff Interface, what is the QOS and transport reliability for an IP packet network?
To our knowledge, PanCOM offers dedicated IP connectivity to all of the PSAPs listed in the RFP and is currently used as a backup path for redundant call delivery to the PSAPs. Currently, the handoff interface is done within our networking equipment which automatically travels over PanCOM in the failure of the primary network link. PanCOM is a 5.7M microwave network. Systemwide, PanCOM has a 99.97 uptime, however, that is subject to individual or sectional outages related to weather or other events.

The RFP states that vendors need to provide evidence of licensure to do business within the State of Texas and also provide good standing status with the State Comptroller’s Office. Is this a requirement to submit the RFP or do we need to provide this if the RFP is awarded to us?

These requirements must be submitted with the proposal.

2.2 xvi. lists Perryton PD as Host. Could you please clarify which is correct?

That is a typo on 2.2 xvi – PRPC and Pampa Police Department are the hosts.

Call-Taking Equipment Redundancy- Each PSAP shall have at least two or more fully redundant call taking positions with the number of positions per PSAP listed below. Does PRPC want a proposal for 2 plus 2 (or 3 plus 3)?

Call-taking equipment redundancy is included within the 2 positions. All sites will have 2 positions total, with the exception of Borger Police Department, which will have three.

What are the connectivity options expected at each PSAP to the PANCOM network (Fiber or Cat-6 Ethernet)?

Connectivity to PanCOM is a normal network switch for Cat-5

The RFP does not mention digital logging recorders. Does each PSAP already have a digital logging recorder, or should one be included? If one is to be included, can centralized recording be performed at the Host sites or does a logger need to be provided for each PSAP location?

Call recording is separate. We are currently using VistaCom with Eventide recorders using IP-based recording.

Please specify which CAD solution is being used at each PSAP location. What connectivity options are available at each site to provide ALI spills to the CAD systems (IP or Serial)?

We do not pay for CAD at the PSAP. Each PSAP can choose their own vendor (Motorola FLEX, Southern Software, Kologik, Crimestar, Public Safety Pro, Eforce, Crimestar, iDocket, CIS, Netdata). There may be more. You would have to reach out to each vendor to determine their connectivity. Currently, we offer a serial CAD spill.

Please identify which ESInet provider will be providing NGCS services for PRPC.

ATT is the ESInet provider

Will the ESInet provider be able to support outbound calls for call backs (i.e. OCIF functionality)?

Yes, the AT&T ESInet provider is capable of supporting outbound calls.

Contact Information

Mike Peters

Regional 9-1-1 Network Director
Email: mpeters@theprpc.org
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268


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