Closed Landfill Inventory

House Bill 2537, passed by the Texas Legislature in 1993, required all Councils of Governments (COGs) to develop an inventory of the closed municipal solid waste landfills in their region. This Closed Landfill Inventory (CLI) was to contain information about both known and suspected sites. The information that formed the basis for the CLI was supplied by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and its predecessor agencies. In 1999, the Legislature further required each COG to map, to the extent possible, the sites within their CLI with the passage of Senate Bill 1447. One of the main objectives of the CLI is to make the public aware of the potential existence of closed landfill facilities to help prevent the inadvertent development of structures or facilities over property that was once used for waste disposal.

There are two major categories of landfill sites in the Panhandle’s CLI. One covers closed authorized sites. These are landfills that operated under a State permit and that were closed down properly in accordance with the State’s environmental regulations. Since they were permitted by the State, these facilities typically have accurate metes and bounds records and can be located fairly precisely on a map.

The other category is for unauthorized sites. These facilities operated without the benefit of a State permit so the information regarding their location is much more imprecise than it is for the authorized sites.

There are currently 141 authorized and unauthorized sites in the Panhandle’s CLI. The number may continue to change in years to come as currently permitted facilities close down or as new information is received about unauthorized sites in the region. The PRPC is obliged to maintain and update the Panhandle’s CLI as needed in the future and to make that information available to the public.

CLICK HERE to download the Closed Landfill Inventory KMZ file for use in Google Earth.

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