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Staff of the Local Government Services (LGS) Department has been actively involved in assisting communities with Contract Management Services since 2000. Contract Management Services have included both short-term and long-term assistance in communities in need of City Manager type services that for one reason or another have not secured these services internally. Contract Management Services form to the needs of a community and may entail everything from budget preparation to agenda development to personnel management to assisting in the search for a full time city manager to daily administrative functions. When beginning a project of this nature, LGS staff meets multiple times with local officials to determine precisely what service is most needed and how the service should be delivered to provide the best and most efficient benefit to the community.

LGS Staff has served in a Contract Management Service situation in eight separate Panhandle Communities over the past ten years. Currently LGS staff is currently providing these types of services in two respective communities. LGS staff receives ongoing training and support through the Texas City Manager’s Association, Panhandle City Manager’s Association, and the Texas Municipal League to ensure that they can provide the most current and professional expertise and resources to each community that utilizes this service. Currently, LGS staff holds four Master’s Degrees in Political Science. Staff also has extensive experience in business management and finance areas.

Contract Management Service contracts have lasted from only a few months to over ten years depending on the needs of each respective community. Throughout these years, we have continued to refine the services offered and will continue to do so as demand increases. A key element to bear in mind when considering these services is that we are here not to provide a pre-developed service, but to provide a particular service that is exclusively designed to meet the needs of the individual community. For 2015/2016 LGS hourly rate for Contract Management Services is $60.00 per hour. As budgets tighten and communities adapt it is the goal of LGS to help communities meet the needs of their citizens by making professional administrative services available to them at a reasonable cost. LGS Staff is available for day-long strategic planning sessions for cities, counties, neighborhood associations and economic development corporations to help identify local needs, goals, objectives and strategies.

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Alex Guerrero

Local Government Services Director
Email: aguerrero@theprpc.org
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268


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