Rolling Plains Organization for Rural Transportation (RPORT)


The Rolling Plains Organization for Rural Transportation was established in 2007 as a partnership between the 13 County Judges in the Childress TXDOT District and the Childress TXDOT District itself. The RPORT was one of the first RPOs in the State of Texas and helped to establish open lines of communication between its members and the Childress TXDOT District.

In early 2010 the Texas Department of Transportation released proposed planning rules that included a definition for "Rural Planning Organizations" (RPOs). These RPOs were to be recognized as a group of local officials from rural areas of Texas with the purpose providing local input into the rural TXDOT decision making process. These rules were ultimately adopted in August 2010. Included in these rules are a definition of RPOs, an outline of their responsibility as advisory groups to District TXDOT Offices, and their ability to participate in both the long term and short term regional transportation planning processes.

In response to these rules many Councils of Governments (COGs) in the State of Texas began making themselves available for the creation and administration of RPOs. The Childress TXDOT District actually lies within 4 COG boundaries (PRPC, South Plains Association of Governments (SPAG), North Texas Council of Governments (NORTEX), and West Central Texas Council of Governments (WCTXCOG)). In one of the largest inter-COG projects to date these four entities came together and agreed to offer administrative services to the RPORT with PRPC, having the largest geographic and population stake in the project, being the lead agency.

In February 2010 the RPORT agreed to allow PRPC to serve as the administrative agent for the group. Since that time the RPORT has adopted bylaws, issued policy stance letters to legislators, and deepened their dialog with both the Childress TXDOT District and State TXDOT Officials. The RPORT will continue to be on the leading edge of RPO development and communication in the State of Texas for many years to come.

Governing board/advisory committee

Contact Information

Kyle Ingham

Local Government Services Director
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268


RPORT Governing Board/Advisory Committee

Name Representing
John Howard, ChairHall County
Kevin BrendleDickens County
Mark ChristopherFoard County
Duane DanielKing County
Stan WojcikKnox County
Karl HollowayCottle County
Carrol HortonWheeler County
Ronald IngramHardeman County
John JamesCollingsworth County
Kim JonesChildress County
Anabelle JuradoTxDOT
Jim MeadorMotley County
Wayne NanceBriscoe County
Ray PowellHall County
Cary PrestonChildress County
Marty SmithTxDOT
Chuck SteedTxDOT

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