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Community Development

The Panhandle Regional Planning Commission's Local Government Services Department (LGS) has been involved in the delivery of services relating to the Texas Community Development Program since its inception in 1983. During this time, LGS staff has worked with the Program through the Department of Commerce, the Department of Housing and Community Affairs, the Office of Rural Community Affairs, the Texas Department of Rural Affairs, and now the Texas Department of Agriculture. Since 1983, the LGS Department has written and administered the majority of the Community Development Projects in the region.

To date, we have been involved in 275 projects involving the use of Texas Community Development Program funds, with a total benefit to the region of over $65 million in GRANT DOLLARS ALONE. We believe this program is one of the best ways to meet the infrastructure needs of local cities and counties and look forward to continuing our work in this area. Every biennium LGS staff assists about 30 communities in developing applications for these programs.

Services in this area are generally related to assisting communities in identifying eligible needs, preparing grant applications (including all related and required beneficiary surveys, etc.), assisting the community in submission and presentation of the project proposal, and full-service, turn-key administrative services. When the LGS Department assists a community in administering their project, staff views itself as an extension of the city or county itself. At any given time PRPC staff is helping to administer 10-20 projects funded by the following sources:

Texas Community Development Block Grant (TxCDBG)
Disaster Relief/Urgent Need

Contact Information

Alex Guerrero

Local Government Services Director
Email: aguerrero@theprpc.org
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268

Katie Paul

Local Government Services Coordinator
Email: kpaul@theprpc.org
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268


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