Emergency Preparedness

Advisory Committee

The Panhandle Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee (PREMAC) is a PRPC-Board appointed group of local officials, emergency management professionals, first responders and private sector representatives from across the Panhandle that directs and oversees the region’s emergency management programs. The PREMAC is responsible for maintaining and updating the Panhandle Regional Response Plan, for developing an annual homeland security grant program Implementation Plan, for making recommendations as to how the region’s annual allocations of homeland security grant funding can best be used to support the region’s preparedness goals and directs the implementation of regional preparedness initiatives.

Policies and Procedures

Panhandle Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee:

Chris Forbis, ChairRandall County
Blaine BertrandRandall County
Martin BirkenfeldAmarillo
Paul BourquinAmarillo
Kyle BrackAmarillo
Tommy BrooksDumas
Tim CaseGroom
Ken DaughtryWheeler County
Lee DavilaFriona
Paul DutcherPerryton
Trey EllisParmer County
John FisherSpearman
Steve FustonDumas
Randy GeriesParmer County
Dr. Sherri GressHereford
Mike GittingerAmarillo
Howard HeathClaude
Cindy IrwinStinnett
Ashley JohnsonAmarillo
Kimberly JonesChildress County
Greg LeePampa
P.J. LemonsAmarillo
Brent LaneAmarillo
Jimmy LanningStratford
Kevin McClaranAmarillo
Rodney MosierAmarillo
Katie NoffskerAmarillo
Chip OrtonAmarillo
Henry PerryAmarillo
B.J. PottsTulia
Dan E. ReeseCanyon
JoDee RobisonSilverton
Ryan SmithAmarillo
Kevin StarbuckAmarillo
Mike StoryMcClean
Dean TurneyHereford
Ronnie WalkerAmarillo
Eric WallaceAmarillo
Ben WeinheimerAmarillo
Zack WilsonAmarillo

Contact Information

Lori Gunn

Regional Services Director
Email: lgunn@theprpc.org
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268


Criminal Justice Planning Fund (Fund 421) Source: A biennial appropriation by the Texas Legislature from funds collected through court costs and fees. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, §102.056 and §102.075. Section 772.006 of the Texas Government Code designates CJD as the Fund's administering agency.
FY Appropriation: Set annually
Purpose: Support a wide range of projects designed to reduce crime and improve the criminal and juvenile justice systems.
Eligibility: State agencies, units of local government, independent school districts, nonprofit corporations, Native American tribes, COGs, universities, colleges, hospital districts, juvenile boards, regional education service centers, community supervision and corrections departments, crime control and prevention districts, and faith-based organizations are eligible to apply for grants under this fund.  Faith-based organizations must be certified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt nonprofit entities.  Grantees may not use grant funds or program income for proselytizing or sectarian worship.
Award Criteria: Meet the criteria codified in the TAC, Title 1, Part 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter C, Division 1
Frequency of Award: Annual


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