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Preparedness Training

Training is one of the cornerstones of emergency preparedness. First responders, local officials, emergency managers and anyone else that plays a role in a jurisdiction’s response system must be adequately trained to carry out their assigned duties during a disaster. The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) has developed a system whereby preparedness training can be delivered throughout Texas in a consistent fashion and in accordance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS). NIMS establishes standardized incident management processes, protocols, and procedures that all responders – those at the Federal, state, and local levels - use to coordinate and conduct response actions.

TDEM, working in association with the Texas Engineering Extension Service, has established a one-stop repository for preparedness course offerings in Texas. That information can be found on the Preparing Texas website.

Most NIMS and Incident Command System (ICS) training courses can be taken on-line. The more advanced courses have to be taken in a classroom setting. ICS 300 and ICS 400 are examples of two courses that can not be taken on-line. There are several instructors in the Panhandle certified to teach these two courses. For information about possible ICS 300/400 training in the Panhandle, contact Shane Brown, with the PRPC, at (806) 372-3381.

NIMS training compliance is one of the eligibility requirements for many federal preparedness grants programs. Local governments often question, who within their organization needs to receive NIMS/ICS training. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maintains the NIMS Integration Center (NIC) and was created by the US Department of Homeland Security to facilitate the implementation of NIMS nationwide. The NIC provides the following with regard to who should be trained in NIMS/ICS... More Information

Contact Information

Lori Gunn

Regional Services Director
Email: lgunn@theprpc.org
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268

Shane Brown

Regional Emergency Communications Program Manager
Email: sbrown@theprpc.org
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268


Q: Who has to take NIMS and ICS training?

A: Stakeholders will define the emergency management/response personnel within their jurisdiction, agency, or organization who require ongoing training. This includes all emergency services related disciplines such as EMS, hospitals, public health, fire service, law enforcement, public works/utilities, skilled support personnel, and other emergency management response, support and volunteer personnel, as follows:

Entry Level:
  • FEMA IS-700: NIMS, An Introduction
  • ICS-100: Introduction to ICS or equivalent
First Line, Single Resource, Field Supervisors:
  • IS-700.A, ICS-100, and ICS-200: Basic ICS or its equivalent
Middle Management: Strike Team Leaders, Division Supervisors, EOC Staff, etc.:
  • IS-700.A, IS-800.B NRF, ICS-100, ICS-200, and ICS-300
Command and General Staff; Area, Emergency, and EOC Managers:
  • IS-700.A, IS-800.B NRF, ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-300, and ICS-400

Q: What level of NIMS training is required for elected officials?

A: The National Integration Center (NIC) Incident Management Systems Integration (IMSI) Division strongly recommends that all elected officials who will be interacting with multiple jurisdictions and agencies during an incident at the minimum complete IS-700: NIMS, An Introduction and ICS-100: Introduction to ICS. These courses provide a basic understanding of the National Incident Management System and the Incident Command System. Everyone directly involved in managing an emergency should understand the command reporting structures, common terminology, and roles and responsibilities inherent in a response operation.


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