Emergency Preparedness

Local Emergency Operations Assistance Planning

§ 418.102 of the Texas Government Code states, “Each county shall maintain an emergency management program or participate in a local or interjurisdictional emergency management program that, except as otherwise provided by this chapter, has jurisdiction over and serves the entire county or interjurisdictional area.” Those programs are carried out under the structure of a local emergency operations plan (EOP). Some counties in Texas receive funding directly from the State to assist them in maintaining their program and their EOP. The Panhandle Regional Planning Commission provides assistance to jurisdictions that do not receive funding directly from the State in keeping their EOP updated and in compliance with current planning expectations.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) is responsible for the oversight of the State’s emergency management programs and establishes the standards for EOPs in Texas.

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Email: lgunn@theprpc.org
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