Emergency Preparedness

Regional Preparedness Planning

The 2008 Panhandle Regional Preparedness Plan was developed in response to Texas Executive Order RP57 which called for the development of regional response structures in each of the 24 planning regions in Texas. The plan provides a framework for preparing for and responding to catastrophic events in the Panhandle. It builds on the agency-to-agency mutual aid relationships that have served the region for years to create a multi-agency coordinated strategy for response to large-scale incidents. The main theme of the document is to provide support to local Incident Commanders as they direct the response to events in their community. The plan is developed, updated and maintained by the Panhandle Regional Emergency Management Advisory Committee.

Contact Information

Lori Gunn

Regional Services Director
Email: lgunn@theprpc.org
Phone: (806)372-3381
Fax: (806)373-3268


Criminal Justice Planning Fund (Fund 421) Source: A biennial appropriation by the Texas Legislature from funds collected through court costs and fees. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, §102.056 and §102.075. Section 772.006 of the Texas Government Code designates CJD as the Fund's administering agency.
FY Appropriation: Set annually
Purpose: Support a wide range of projects designed to reduce crime and improve the criminal and juvenile justice systems.
Eligibility: State agencies, units of local government, independent school districts, nonprofit corporations, Native American tribes, COGs, universities, colleges, hospital districts, juvenile boards, regional education service centers, community supervision and corrections departments, crime control and prevention districts, and faith-based organizations are eligible to apply for grants under this fund.  Faith-based organizations must be certified by the Internal Revenue Service as tax-exempt nonprofit entities.  Grantees may not use grant funds or program income for proselytizing or sectarian worship.
Award Criteria: Meet the criteria codified in the TAC, Title 1, Part 1, Chapter 3, Subchapter C, Division 1
Frequency of Award: Annual


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